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5 steps to hiring a best-in-class Marketer for your SaaS start-up

5 steps to hiring a best-in-class Marketer for your SaaS start-up

1st June 2017

5 steps to hiring a best-in-class Marketer for your SaaS start-up

As a SaaS start-up, winning new customers isn’t easy. Depending on your solution, you could be operating in a highly competitive market, or you may have developed a unique solution that customers don’t realise they need. SaaS Founders often turn to marketing to help overcome this issue, but sometimes struggle to recruit best-in-class for their business. Below, I’ve listed 5 tips that will help you hire a truly world class Marketer:



Invest the time in finding out who the best marketers are. Ask for recommendations. Connect with them. Hiring the best Marketer for your business won’t always happen overnight. As with customers, sometimes, the journey to conversion is a long, thought-out process. Start networking with the right people, early on, and utilise your networks when hiring.



Start conversations long before you’re even ready to hire. If you have identified potential matches, approach them, be honest and ask for their help. Most Marketers are willing to lend a helping hand with their knowledge and expertise – this is a great opportunity to start conversations with them. Ask them to critique your website, share a Marketing issue you’re currently having, ask for their thoughts on a junior profile you may be looking to hire. Can you bring them on in an advisory role?



Marketers want the opportunity to do something great. If you can genuinely offer them this, tell them! The chances are you’ve created a solution because there is a real need for it and Marketers want to convey this need, through content about the benefits of a product, stories about the success a customer has had with your product or by promoting the impact your solution has had on the market. Give them this and you’re one step closer to securing the right person.



Even the best Marketers in the world want to continue growing. Maybe that’s through learning, through filling their own skill gaps or through earning more money! Set clear goals, help them to achieve these and then reward them. Sometimes, just the opportunity to gain experience in a new industry can sway their decision towards you, so keep an open mind.



This won’t work for everyone, but your customers are sometimes the key to hiring the best candidates. If a Marketer can see the positive impact your product has on a customer, they will quickly get behind the solution. Marketers want to be passionate about what they’re promoting and want to believe in the benefits. That way they can create genuine content that sells!

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