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7 things a Marketing Lead can do for a SaaS start-up

7 things a Marketing Lead can do for a SaaS start-up

13th June 2017

7 things a Marketing Lead can do for a SaaS start-up

7 things a Marketing Lead can do for a SaaS start-up.


Hiring a Senior Marketer is often seen as unnecessary in the start-up world, especially when funding is limited. However, with the SaaS industry becoming more and more competitive, it’s imperative that you have a Marketer that can make you stand out from the crowd.


So, here’s 7 things a Marketing Lead can do for your SaaS business:


Customer Discovery:

Understanding who your customers are and then targeting them is the basis of any Marketer’s role. However, a Senior Marketer can generally take it a step further by utilising their developed networks and contacts, turning customer personas into live examples.


Strategic Messaging:

Identifying your customers is one thing, but saying the right thing to them is another! Experienced Marketers are armed with the knowledge to understand what makes customers tick and will help to develop the right messaging for your products. This is a strategic responsibility and has an impact on every customer-facing element of your business.


Develop Value Proposition:

Customers knowing about you isn’t enough anymore, they also need to understand why your solution is right for them. A Marketing Lead can create specific value propositions for customer groups to educate them on the benefits to their businesses and make sure they can relate to the problem you are solving.


Demand Generation:

Before you can generate leads, you need to create the demand for your products. By producing targeted marketing programmes, a Senior Marketer will get buyers excited about your solutions, creating leads/prospects/customers etc.


Create Metrics:

Measuring the success of your marketing is the only way you can optimise it. If you’ve never implemented a marketing campaign, it can be difficult to understand what to expect from it. An experienced Marketer will have this information and will also be able to guide you on what the business should be aiming for.


Optimise CPA & CLV: 

Arguably the two most important metrics for any marketing team/business is how much it costs to acquire new customers and how much they are worth to the business. By reducing CPA and increasing CLV, a Marketing Lead will generate more revenue and profits for your business.


Shorten Sales Cycles:

Whilst the SaaS model has drastically reduced sales cycles already, your Marketing Lead can further enhance that through creating the right collateral to educate customers and encourage their decision-making. It has already been proven that customers are completing up to 90% of the buying process before speaking to a sales rep, so it’s imperative your marketing is in order!


It could be said that you don’t need a “Marketing Lead” to do everything above as a Junior Marketer can do it, but typically they won’t have the market knowledge or experience already, which is extremely valuable to ensure mistakes aren’t made. Most of the time you only have one opportunity to impress a potential customer, so you need to make sure you do it well.


What do you think? Do SaaS start-ups need to hire a CMO/Marketing Lead before they hire Marketing Assistants?



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