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Dear Clients, stop hiring underqualified internal recruiters!

Dear Clients, stop hiring underqualified internal recruiters!

15th April 2016

Dear Clients, stop hiring underqualified internal recruiters!

Let me start by saying this is not a post intended to start another LinkedIn battle between internal recruiters and agency recruiters.

Nobody wants to read the same old arguments from either side of the fence, followed by the inevitable “nice guy” saying “why can’t we all work together happily” in some veiled attempt to stand out as the acceptable face of recruitment (why don’t you use me, I am really nice I promise).

This is about seeing so many companies within our sectors of MarTech and AdTech place the vital role of finding and hiring the right people in the hands of someone completely unqualified. I imagine it’s similar in other high-growth sectors too.

MarTech and AdTech are two rapidly growing sectors where it feels like new companies appear daily at the moment.  Many of these companies are start-ups or early stage businesses, experiencing massive growth and need to employ large numbers of specialist roles quickly, in what is a highly competitive market.

The solution to this, it would appear, is to appoint an internal recruiter with limited experience or credentials and give them the title “Head of Talent” or similar and hey presto, problem solved.

Well, no it isn’t!

Do you realise just how much of a negative impact this is having on your business and, ultimately, your profit?

Think about it. This person is likely to be the first and sometimes only contact a candidate will have with your company so it needs to be a positive experience. Not only for the successful people, but everyone that comes in to contact with them! They might be your next hire or they might know someone you would like to be. You need them to be saying good things about you.

And how on earth do you think they have the depth of network or skill required to fill those challenging roles?

They don’t and they can’t.

And when the time comes to engage with an agency or two, which it inevitably will, what makes you think they will select the right ones? They won’t have the experience to make that assessment.
The decision to appoint underqualified people into what is a very skilled role, which is vital to the future success of your business is driven in part by the perceived cost saving. It’s also due to a complete misconception by some of what good recruiters actually do and the benefit to your business/brand of using one.

The attitude of “Why would I go and pay out lots of recruitment fees when it’s just a case of placing a few adverts or sending out a few Linkedin invites? I can just pay a low salary for that, save money and get the same results.”

You shouldn’t, because you won’t get results, you will end up spending more money, and chances are get yourself a poor reputation along the way making those future hires even more challenging.

To put it another way, if you wanted to work with an external recruiter, you’d probably want someone with proven experience and a demonstrable track-record of success in their sector. So why would it be any different for an internal recruiter?

The success of your business depends largely on the quality of the people you hire and how many stick around. So, why under value the skills required to fulfill that role or pay little attention to your hiring strategy. So many of you do.

Building a quality, sustained hiring plan is vital, so think carefully about your recruitment strategy.
You might be bootstrapping or pre-funding stage, and therefore you may think employing an internal recruiter is the most cost effective way to hire.

And I would agree……………….. as long as it’s the right one!





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