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Your first SaaS Marketing hire should be…

Your first SaaS Marketing hire should be…

1st June 2017

Your first SaaS Marketing hire should be…

Structuring your SaaS Marketing department correctly is vital to the success of that team and the results they produce. When it comes to hiring your first Marketers, the saying “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true!


Whilst it may be tempting to hire junior level Marketers to keep costs low and to deploy campaigns quickly, you risk having a detached marketing team and substandard results. Why? Because marketing without a defined strategy is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, whilst blindfolded, with your hands tied behind your back!


And that’s why you should focus on hiring a Marketing Lead!


The first point I would mention about this hire is they need to be hands-on. It’s likely they will be in a standalone role for some time, so will need to be comfortable with rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in with campaigns from day one. However, the real value they will add should be visible immediately. Drawing on their experience, they will identify the quick wins, establish best practices and start building the overall marketing strategy – which is vital for scalability.


Don’t hire a specialist – or a brand-focused Marketer, otherwise, you won’t see results immediately! You need someone who can be involved in all areas of the marketing mix and understands how to support immediate demand generation activity with long-term content marketing plans.


The other benefit to hiring a Marketing Lead is the huge amount of information they will have about agencies, suppliers and technology platforms within the industry.


Lastly, an experienced Marketer should have the ability and experience to work with stakeholders across the business, which will help to build relationships with key departments, like Sales, Finance and Customer Success.


Thereafter, you can focus on hiring juniors to support the Marketing Lead and begin to grow the team!

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