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Hiring a Marketer: 4 common questions asked by SaaS start-ups

Hiring a Marketer: 4 common questions asked by SaaS start-ups

16th January 2017

Hiring a Marketer: 4 common questions asked by SaaS start-ups

Why should I hire a Marketer?


The B2B landscape has changed in recent years and with that so has B2B buying behaviours. A recent study showed that in today’s market B2B buyers complete between 50-90% of the sales process BEFORE even speaking to a sales person. With a vast range of information available on the internet, customers want to do their own research before calling a sales rep. The SaaS model has also reduced sales cycles, which has made it even more competitive for early-stage SaaS businesses entering the market.


When should I hire a Marketer?


If you are already spending thousands of pounds on Marketing monthly, then now is the time! Equally, if you have substantial VC backing, you should definitely consider bringing on a marketing professional immediately. A competent Marketer will always provide a solid ROI, so should effectively more than pay for themselves.


If you are still in the pre-launch phase, you could consider hiring a part-time Marketing Consultant. This reduces the risk to the business and will help to define your target market, produce compelling value propositions and create clear messaging, which all play a vital part in the overall sales process.




What type of Marketer do I need?


To answer this, let’s look at the type of Marketers that are typically available:


All-rounder – This Marketer is a jack of all trades (in a good way). They tend to be more experienced, and therefore more expensive, but work well in stand-alone roles. Can help to achieve quick wins and look at long-term aspirations.


Content Marketer – Creators of stories, the Content Marketer will help you develop inbound marketing strategies and focus on the messaging behind your product. Results aren’t always immediate but costs are kept low.


Demand Generator –This Marketer will generate leads through an array of marketing channels, with the specific view of marrying those campaigns with a structured sales process. Tends to work best when given budgets to work with.


Growth Hacker – A new (and rare) breed of Marketer, Growth Hackers carry out rapid experimentation across multiple channels to assess the most effective way to generate revenue. Less focused on branding and notoriously difficult to find.


Depending on your company’s goals, you could hire any of the above – or a combination of them.


How do I hire a Marketer?


Firstly, decide what skills you’ll need before going to market. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do is go to market to figure out what you need, because the process will lack structure and you could miss out on a superstar. Seeing comparisons is great, but if you end up interviewing candidates with very different skillsets, you’ll only confuse yourself more!


The next thing you’ll need to do is create a compelling job description. Keep in mind, this isn’t just a document telling candidates what you want. This should also be used as an opportunity to sell the business, the opportunity and the benefits to them as an employee.


Be open about the objectives and what you expect from them in the role. Be ambitious but not unrealistic!


It’s important to keep an open mind when considering applications. Not every successful hire comes from a competitor and sometimes it’s thinking outside of the box that helps companies to excel with their marketing


When assessing candidates at interview don’t be afraid to ask for examples of their success, or a portfolio of their work. You could also ask them to prepare something based on a specific work-related scenario.


And finally…


Be patient! Marketing doesn’t always produce immediate results and any Marketer worth their salt will plan and strategise extensively, before taking campaigns to market. Success will only be guaranteed if the business is behind the strategy.


Zumar Dean is a specialist Marketing recruiter. He works extensively within the SaaS/Technology sectors and supports both early-stage and established brands. For any further information, or assistance with hiring a Marketer, feel free to get in touch – zumar@justdigitallondon.co.uk


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