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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

6th January 2017

Silver Bullet

New Year, new start? Nah…


Forget New Year resolutions, they are a waste of time with less than 8% of people achieving their goals, according to statistics.


Improvement requires goal setting and measurement. Whatever is measured improves, including yourself. Self-evaluation, personal goal-setting and personal improvement needs to be a continual process to stand any chance of being successful and to see the true benefit from it. It isn’t just something you can say in January and forget about for the rest of the year.


A good measure of integrity is continuing to do something long after you said you were going to do it, otherwise it’s just empty words.


So why am I writing this?


Well, 2016 was significant for me as I embarked on a year of personal development with the aim of improving myself professionally and personally. I’m not talking about a few training courses here and there. This was a significant change I was looking for.


The difference the last twelve months has made to my life is immense.


For me, 2016 was about acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve my life goals. I have big ambitions, I’ve always aimed high and placed expectations on myself to achieve.  And yet, I reached my 40th year and realised I have accomplished or experienced a tiny amount of what I would really love to do.  It was a shock to the system, where had the time gone?


Shit! I was expecting a Silver Bullet! It was time to make some big changes.


It may sound easy, but figuring yourself out is not. Figuring out what you are great at, what you’re bad at and what your passions truly are is tough because it forces you to be honest with yourself.


What I’ve found is the more I’ve learned, the more knowledge I have, my goals and aspirations shift. They got bigger as my motivation increased and my eyes were opened to level of opportunity open to me.


The biggest asset you have is your time so put it to good use.


I’m time poor, I own a business and am a father of two boys, but you have to find the time to acquire the skills to achieve your goals if you are serious about it. For me this meant late nights during the week and weekends, using any dead time like the daily commute well and travel between meetings.

For you, that might mean less time scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, internet shopping or FIFA 17 on the Playstation.  And turn off the TV! It’s mainly full of negative crap and bad news anyway. That’s time that could be spent improving yourself and moving another step towards your goal. And trade the instant gratification for something personal development focused, spend the money on Audible or a new book for your Kindle, or even a course on Udemy. The resource is all out there, use it.


There is no doubt it requires a big commitment to improve. It takes time to plan, to learn and most importantly to implement. It’s a process – and a very worthwhile one.


I now feel better equipped as we enter 2017, more than I ever have in fact, to achieve my peronsal and professional goals.


My thirst for new skills and fresh knowledge is greater now than it’s ever been and I know it’s vital that I continue to improve.


You may know the Winston Churchill quote “Attitude Is a Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference”.  For a long time this was a favorite of mine, but actually it’s not a little thing. It’s the single biggest thing that will make a difference to your year and your future.

You mainly make your own luck, there is no silver bullet, improving your situation is a process.


Own 2017!





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