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What Do SaaS Sales Reps Do All Day?

What Do SaaS Sales Reps Do All Day?

7th March 2018

What Do SaaS Sales Reps Do All Day?

If you join a startup early, you often find there’s no structure at all. Similarly, if you’re a SaaS company’s first port of sales call, then routine may be hard to come by.


So what can you do to become familiar with a traditional sales routine and what do you need to know?


Close, rinse and repeat


Truth is, SaaS sales has a similar kind of close, rinse and repeat cycle across the board. This makes it easy for SaaS sales reps to structure their days. Usually, as a sales rep, you are coming in to take over from someone who has already found a successful sales model, be that the Founder, CEO or early Account Manager.


Here’s what a typical SaaS sales rep’s day could look like:


Early morning


In my experience, most sales reps are keen early risers, whether that’s to check urgent messages, use exercise as a way of getting in the right frame of mind for the day, or to get to work before everyone else. This is a great time to prep for a day of making sales calls or demos and to use social media to outreach or engage with connections.


Arrival in the office


When SaaS sales reps get to the office, the first thing they’ll want to do is check in with the BDM, Head of Sales, or whomever is in charge of running the team. This can be as quick as five minutes. Unlike many other roles, sales reps aren’t about to get tied down answering emails.


That early morning slot is a great time to get a few calls, demos or outreach emails in, as most people are just sitting down to their desks.


Don’t forget that in SaaS, demo-booking is often automated, so a SaaS sales rep could arrive at their desk with a packed day of demoing already scheduled.


Morning session


The morning is usually reserved for speaking to customers. This is where you’ll get into a regular routine of demo preparation, demo call or Skype, demo follow-up and, hopefully, close of sale. After this, there may be an element of post-sale support, or connecting your customers with your customer success team for technical issues.


Afternoon session


If the afternoon doesn’t follow much of the same pattern, this may be the time for a sales rep to work on their SaaS sales cycle. This could be checking in with marketing to see what lead funnels are working, reaching out to quiet leads, or updating a sales CRM tool with notes.




How do the most successful sales reps spend their evening? According to many in the business, through a combination of exercise, prepping for the next day and even doing the odd late demo call. Don’t forget that in SaaS, you’re often working to an international schedule, so there could be some out of hours work to do.


Additional SaaS sales rep tasks could include:


Enterprise pitches and relationship management: One of the great things about working in SaaS is that you get to handle enterprise sales much more quickly. This could be preparing a slide deck, pitching to a board or working with your Product Manager to see how you can develop personalised features.


Internal sales meetings: Unlikely to be the life force of your sales team, given a SaaS business’s nature, but still important to keep you in touch with your peers.


Getting technical: As a SaaS sales rep, you need to know your product inside out. This means spending lots of time in it and working closely with other departments to get to know the roadmap and developing features. You’ll also need to be au fait with other tech tools such as screen sharing, video calling, CRM and marketing automation tools.


Trade show exhibiting: Many SaaS companies use trade shows as a way to get out and interact with potential customers. You’ll need to get comfortable with talking to people, keeping them on your stand and potentially getting them to convert within a live environment.


Industry research: Can you be a great sales rep if you don’t know your industry? Probably not. Successful SaaS sales often rely on fielding questions about competitor products, knowing comparisons of features and also looking at industry movements. At least some of your day will be allocated to checking in on industry press through sites such as Techcrunch and Product Hunt.


Lunch with other teams: As a sales rep, it’s rare you’ll eat alone. You’ll need to be aligned with what’s happening in Marketing, Product and Customer Success, so getting to know your team over a taco or two is essential.


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