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Experian Marketing Services

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Experian Marketing Services


The Experian Marketing Suite is the world’s most flexible and comprehensive cloud-based marketing platform. More than 10,000 of the world’s leading brands, in over than 30 countries, are using the Experian Marketing Suite to create and deliver intelligent interactions with their customers, every time.

Built from the ground-up leveraging 30 years of data-driven global marketing expertise, the award-winning Experian Marketing Suite unites Experian’s customer identity, analytics and cross-channel marketing technology.

Experian is an internationally recognised business, primarily known as a data B2B data provider and a consumer credit reference agency. The Marketing Services division began to evolve in 2004 with the acquisition of Cheetahmail, an enterprise level ESP. Since then the division has been involved in a number of acquisitions alongside a product development roadmap that has allowed them to offer a portfolio of over 20 technology products all available under one umbrella, the Experian Marketing Suite.

Today they are one of the most forward thinking digital businesses, offering a unique combination of technology, services and data.

The recruitment challenges Experian have faced over the course of this transition have primarily been around attracting candidates with strong digital skill-sets, into a business which was perceived as a data business. There was very little knowledge in the wider market about their offering within Digital and the scale of their plans. Despite being first to market on a number of key acquisitions, before Adobe, salesforce and Oracle, recognition and awareness was exceptionally low.

How we helped

We have worked closely with business unit MDs, GMs, Recruitment Business Partners and HR on a number of key hires and provided invaluable market insight when requested.

Our success has been based on spending the time to understand where the individual business units are heading and where the headcounts gaps are likely to be, often three to six months in advance. This has allowed us to plan effectively and ensure we are working towards key hires being in situ with the timescales required. Experian look for very specific profiles where personality plays a significant part and only by working in close partnership with them have we been able to deliver great quality candidates to the business time and time again.


Since 2012 Just Digital have successfully placed 15 key roles in Experian Marketing Services where very specialist skill-sets are required.

We are proud to say that every person we have placed is still with Experian and many have been able to progress their careers very successfully.

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