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Case Study

Paddle is an early-stage SaaS business that provides a checkout, e-commerce, marketing and analytics platform for software developers. Originally founded in 2012, they have gone on to raise several rounds of investment and have scaled the business globally.


The company was set-up by a couple of incredibly bright and young entrepreneurs who had an early passion for software development and realised there was a serious lack of options for software companies looking for billing and payment support.


We were introduced to the business in April 2017 by a mutual contact. They were looking to hire a Head of Marketing, which would be the first Marketing hire for the business.

How we helped

We met with the two founders and talked through the role in great detail, ensuring we understood the short, medium and long-term aspirations. We also discussed the company culture and how important it was to find someone who could work well in that environment. Using this information, we developed a highly-targeted list of potential matches, supplemented with tailored job adverts and social media campaigns to spread the net as widely as possible.


Within two weeks, we had met with and assessed more than 20 candidates, which we whittled down to a shortlist of 4, all of whom had relevant SaaS experience with proven success in early-stage businesses.


We managed the interview process until the company felt they had the right person. The successful candidate was offered the role within a week of being submitted!


We are pleased to say we are still working with Paddle, helping them to recruit senior-level roles across their commercial teams.

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