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What we offer

What we offer

Fixed fee recruitment, combining traditional headhunting with modern marketing techniques

Job Briefing

During a face to face meeting, we will gather all the necessary information to build a well structured candidate search and job marketing plan. This will include details about the company culture, day to day responsibilities and ideal backgrounds.

Candidate Sourcing & Shortlisting

We will build a tailored job marketing plan for each individual brief, to attract candidates from our existing networks and generate interest from new candidates, utilising a combination of job boards, paid social and PPC campaigns. We aim to meet every applicant in person and thoroughly assess them against your brief.

Interview Management

We will oversee the interview scheduling process and will manage the project through to a successful completion, assisting with the on-boarding process including exchange of employment contracts and reference checks.

Who’s this for?
This is a great option for companies with live vacancies, looking to recruit specialist skills in Sales, Marketing and Customer Success at salary levels between £50,000 to £200,000.

Where the SaaS community connects
with great employers – directly!

We are creating the largest community of SaaS employers and job seekers online, across the UK and Ireland initially, with the ambition of growing globally.

With the SaaS industry forecasted to be worth $164 billion by 2022, job opportunities are constantly increasing and competition for great candidates is at an all-time high – however, not every role requires the expertise of a recruitment agency. However, traditional methods of job advertising such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Indeed can prove costly and ineffective in such a specialist industry.

At SaaSjobs.io, we aim to connect candidates directly with the most exciting SaaS companies, as well as offering unique market insight and content to the community.

This will be a portal for SaaS jobs across all disciplines, including Design, Development, Engineering, HR, Finance, Pre-Sales, Project Management, Account Management, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success.

Who’s this for?
This is ideal for companies who are looking for a SaaS-specific job board to attract candidates at all levels and across all departments.

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